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Post by Dark Soul0 on Thu Jul 23, 2015 7:41 pm

~Forum Suggestions~
#1: Admin Abuse thread.
#2: Ban Request thread.
#3: Ban Appeal thread.
#4: Ban Request denied and accepted subthread.
#5: Admin Abuse denied and accepted subthread.
#6: Staff applications denied and accepted subthread.
#7: Add a flash game (if can) of some sort to the website (it would be pretty cool and unique)
#8: Add a Staff only Guidelines for warnings, kicks and bans, preferably in the rules section.


~DarkRP Rule Suggestions~
#1: You cannot re-enter the non role play area to escape from any type of role play action. only exception being driving on the streets/roads.
#2: Bases can only have one alarm system made from wiremod.
#3: -Addon to General Rule 4- Do not prop spam and prop minge. (you don't have these, unless they count as prop abuse)
#4: Thieves and jobs alike can only mug others for $5,000.00 or less. (it can be changed for however much you'd like)
#5: -Addon to Job Specific Rule 4- You have to advert "Hit Denied" and "Hit Failed" to not be considered RDMing or FailRPing.
#6: Do not FailRP in any way, shape or form.
#7: You cannot switch jobs from one job to another while outside in the RP area or else it can be considered as Job Abuse.
#8: Do not Job Abuse in any way, shape or form.
#9: Players MUST ALWAYS give Hitmen and jobs alike a reason before placing a hit.
#10: Do not randomly weapon check.
#11: You need to advert kidnap before you kidnap a player.
#12: If you are kidnapped you MUST follow your kidnappers orders without hesitation, if you do not follow orders then it CAN count as FailRP.
#13: If you are kidnapped you cannot suicide unless you have been held hostage for 30 minutes, if you suicide too early it CAN be considered as FailRP (you can change the time to anything else)
#14: You can only kidnap 1 time every 15 minutes (you can change the time to anything else)
#15: Do not FearRP. (FearRP is that if you're getting mugged you cannot pull a weapon or attack the mugger)
#16: Players are not allowed to use Power Ups from the pointshop outside of the non role play area.
#17: Crispies are only allowed to kill during the Nighttime, daytime, storms and rainy days do not count.
#18: No Camera spamming.
#19: If a Staff Member is inactive for more than X amount of time they will be stripped of their powers or demoted.


~DarkRP Pointshop Suggestions~
#1: Remove the RPG, grenade, crossbow, crowbar, and the AR2 from the pointshop.
#2: More player models.
#3: More trails.
#4: More hats, heads and masks.


~DarkRP Jobs Suggestions~
#1: Chef. Job description: Sells delicious and exquisite delicacies which also heals health. Here's a link for a Food mod you can use; - also here's a playermodel for the job;

#2: Black Market Dealer. Job description: Sells illegal items such as lockpicks, keypad crackers, crowbars, etc. His items are always illegal by default and he can be arrested for selling his goods.

#3: (VIP) Heavy Gun Dealer. Job description: Sells the heavy shit! like light machine guns, powerful shotguns, heavy guns, armor, AR2, etc.

#4: (VIP) Explosives Dealer. Job description: Sells explosives and weapons with high power like grenades, sticky grenades, RPG's, crossbow, flash grenades, smoke grenades, etc.

#5: (VIP) Suicide Bomber. Job description: Spawns with a Jihad Bomb and explodes himself near people. Suicide Bombers must always advert bombing before using the jihad bomb and can only bomb every 5 minutes. (you can change the time if you want)

#6: Alchemist. Job description: Sells lovely but bad tasting potions which all give different effects. Heres a link to the alchemy mod;

#7: (VIP) Parkourist. Job description: Parkour through the city like a bawss! Do be careful because if you're caught parkouring by the police they can arrest you.


~DarkRP General Server Suggestions~
#1: Starting money for new users should be buffed just slightly.
#2: 911 Emergency Dispatch System, here's the link;
#3: More vehicles.
#4: Add bus stops on the map for the bus driver.
#5: Add more materials to the material tool. Here's a link for more materials;

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Infinity Gaming Suggestions Empty Re: Infinity Gaming Suggestions

Post by Papa Yeet on Sun Aug 02, 2015 1:51 am

I strongly agree with your forum rules. It would be really helpful with subthreads for like ban appeals accepted/denied or staff apps. I really like the ban length curriculum suggestion.

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