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Post by Mr Razer on Thu Jul 23, 2015 4:18 pm

Job suggestions

Here are some Jobs Suggestions Smile

Dead pool(VIP Job) : You are a Trained killer, you will kill people for high amounts of money (pretty much better than pro hitman).

Gandalf : You are Gandalf, Go around the town trying to find bilbo baggins and find the lonely mountain.

Batman : You are batman, you get rich and kill bad men.

Slenderman : You can kill people at night by adverting murder.

Saddam Hussein(VIP JOB) : You are a terrorist, advert terror and blow up crap.

Osama Bin Laden : You are the leader of the terrorists, tell them what to do and hope the government doesn't find you.

Mr Burns : You are a rich man who hates the homeless and hates working.

Obese Man : You are a obese man, You stay home all day and eat doritos and drink mountain dew.

ScareCrow : You escaped the insane asylum, you must hide from the police before they send you back.

Han Solo : You are Han Solo, you must find chewy and go get drunk.

ChewBacca : You are a giant dog, go be Han Solo's friend.

There are all of the ones I can think of! Enjoy Smile

Mr Razer

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