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General Rules

1. Do not RDM.
2. No breaking NLR. You may not return to where you died for at-least 5 minutes.
3. Do not RDA. (Random Arresting)
4. Do not prop abuse. (push/kill/climb/surf)
5. Do not CDM.
6. Hitting/pushing people with your car is considered prop push.
7. Do not steal cars when people spawn them.
8. Ramming into other cars for no exact reason is punishable by admins. (Don't be annoying)
9. No Meta-Gaming.
10. Do not be racist.
11. Do not speak over a Moderator/Admin while they are trying to talk to you.
12. No spamming of any sort.
13. Respect all players and staff.
14. Do not place unwanted textscreens or build in some body else's base.
15. Heavy Raging / Deep Insults is not tolerated and will result in a gag/mute and may possibly end up in a ban.
16. If you have "suggestions" (bitching/complaints) you need to "suggest" those opinions on the forums.
17. You may trade pointshop items for other pointshop items.
18. Pointshop points are only to be used for the pointshop. You may not trade points for example a gun.
19. Mic spamming isn't allowed unless you are homeless and you are basing in the open.
20. Spamming admin chat isn't allowed and you will be muted and possibly banned.
21. Using advert for things like calling an admin or replying to someone in OOC isn't allowed.
22. Don't randomly blow up cars, only do that if they're stolen or you are involved in the situation.

Breaking into someones base can get you killed or arrested. Walking in however will get you killed or arrested after being asked to leave more than twice.

Do not blow up your own car purposefully near someone elses base to ruin or destroy entities they may have. By doing this you will be banned.

Mugging police officers is considered FailRP.

Job Specific Rules

1. You can only mug 1 person every 10 minutes.
2. No hits on the same person more than one time every five minutes. (Even if you are the hitman)
3. Don't randomly hit people with the stun stick.
4. You have to advert "Hit accepted" and "Hit complete" to not be considered rdming as a hitman. If you don't do this then you are considered rdming.
5. You may not warrant someone out of suspicion, it needs to be cold hard visual facts.
6. KOS laws are not allowed.
7. Making or creating irrelevant laws can get you demoted or kicked.
8. Changing or counteracting the default laws is not allowed. (Don't break NLR/Don't RDM/Drugs and printers are illegal)
9. Mayors can't make rules that don't allow players to use chat.
10. Mayors may not have laws that don't allow people to sprint, run, or crouch.
11. Mayors can not take away rights from players such as freedom of privacy. This means no laws saying that players can't lock their doors.

Raiding Rules

1. No raiding the same place more than once every ten minutes.
2. Do not raid someone if they have building signs up.
3. Do not put building signs up if you are not actually building, or are not at your house/base.
4. You cannot have a building sign up if you have printers or illegal items within your base.
5. You need to advert raid when you raid someones home.
6. You need to advert PD raid when you raid the police department.
7. If raiding, you are not able to mug the person(s) being raided.

Building Rules

1. Only hobos can build on the sidewalk.
2. Police can create checkpoints if they have a way for cars and civilians to get through AND it is in a reasonable spot.
3. Each Fading door must have 2 keypads to it that are easily visible.
4. You must have one way to get in and one way to get out.
5. You can only have a maximum of 3 objects or doors (Fading doors, hydraulics, etc.) to get into a base.
6. You may not make a entrance to your base were someone must crouch,jump, or weave through a maze.
7. Each keypad or button must have a hold length of 5 seconds.
8. You may not build in the streets at all unless you are making a police checkpoint in a reasonable location.
9. Do not exploit the fact that people cannot raid you while you have a building sign up. If you have valuables in your base while building, they will be destroyed/disposed of.
10. Do not no collide cameras and physgun them into other people's bases, this is known as camera abuse.
11. No more than 3 keypads to get in a base and 3 to get out of a base. (Buttons count for each keypad too)
12. You can have a KOS line if it is ON your property.

Moderation Rules

1. Do not spawn in weapons.
2. Do not randomly ban people.
3. When you do ban/kick give a valid reason.
4. Do not No-clip while building, or for any other reason than doing admin duties.
5. Do not spawn in cars, drugs, ect...
6. Do not force-give people jobs if they are not in the right rank to become them (ie: Giving a user Gun Dealer).
7. Do not abuse your admin powers.
8. Don't set money to you or anyone else (ie. Giving someone money that you don't have).
9. Do not force a job on yourself unless no one is using it or wants it.
10. Most importantly be kind to players, treat others like you would want to be treated.
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