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Post by Gury on Sun Aug 02, 2015 3:42 am

1. Have mutual respect for others.

2. Don't try to find loopholes around our rules.

3. Obey server staff.

4. We're easy with sprays, just don't spray stuff like mutilation, gore, or hardcore porn.

5. Don't ask for admin, make an admin application on the forums instead.

6. Use common sense.

7. Don't RDM (Random Deathmatch).

8. Don't break NLR (New Life Rule), NLR applies for 3 minutes after you die.

10. You must /advert suicide bombings, Muggings, Raids, and Carjackings.

12. Don't raid the same person repeatedly, and don't continuously place hits on the same person over and over again.

13. There's a 5 minute wait in between placing hits on the same person.

15. You can't mug someone for more than $9000 at a time.

16. Give atleast one clear warning for someone to get off your property before attempting to kill them.

17. Don't kill an admin if they're helping someone or dealing with a rule-breaker. Raiding and completing hits are put on hold during an admin sit.

18. Don't minge with props. This includes: prop-spamming, prop-surfing, prop-throwing, and prop-killing.

19. The limit to fading doors opened by keypads are 10. Does not apply to fading doors not operated by a keypad.

20. Keypads MUST be able to keep fading doors open for 3 seconds minimum.

21. Don't build unfair bases (This includes but is not limited to: making all-black maze bases, headshot bases, and using fake keypadsbeside real ones to confuse people.)

22. Only Combine and the Mayor can build inside the police department.

23. You cannot take whole parts of the map as territory, you can only claim buildings.

24. Don't abuse your job.

25. All dealers must have a shop open unless building. The only exception are Drug Dealers, but you must actively search out customers.

26. Hobos are the only ones allowed to build outside on the streets. You can take corners and other areas as your own as long as you don't block others from passing by.

27. Don't randomly job demote.

28. Money printers and drugs are always illegal. Combine and the Mayor cannot own either.

29. Going rogue as Combine or the Mayor is not allowed.

30. Don't spam chat when something goes wrong. Instead, type @ before your message to alert the admins.

31. Don't spam flash/smoke grenades, they lag the server.

32. Attempting to lag/crash the server is a permanent ban, no exceptions.

33. Hacking and exploiting is a permanent ban.

34. Don't fading door abuse (FDA). Don't press the button binded to your keyboard to open, instead use the keypad you spawned.

35. Only Rebels and Terrorists may start a war with each other, and only if both sides agree.

36. Cops can arrest/shoot people for having weapons larger than pistols out, but only if they refuse to drop their weapon when warned.

37. The only time you may ever self-supply is if there are no dealers on at all.

38. Do not pickpocket AFK people at spawn.

39. Expression 2's (E2's) that are used to annoy or obstruct another player is strictly forbidden.

These are solid general player rules, I will post more tommorow as I am dead tired.


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Proposed Rules Empty Re: Proposed Rules

Post by Dark Soul0 on Sun Aug 02, 2015 10:03 pm


Better than any rules i've seen.

Also here are some of my suggestions for new rules.


#1: Do not FailRP in any way, shape or form.

#2: Do not randomly weapon check.

#3: You MUST ALWAYS advert kidnapping before you kidnap a player, you can then shout out your actions and orders through your mic or by typing it close to the player.

#4: If you are kidnapped you MUST follow your kidnappers orders without hesitation, if you do not follow orders then it CAN count as FailRP.

#5: If you are kidnapped you cannot suicide unless you have been held hostage for 30 minutes, if you suicide too early it CAN be considered as FailRP.

#6: You can only kidnap 1 time every 15 minutes.

#7: Do not FearRP. (FearRP is that if you're getting mugged you cannot pull a weapon or attack the mugger)

#8: Players MUST ALWAYS give Hitmen and jobs alike a reason for placing a hit on somebody.

#9: Bases can only have one alarm system made from wiremod, you can have more than one sound emitter but can only have 1 target finder or anything else that triggers a sound emitter.

#10: You cannot switch from one job to another while you are outside of the non RP area, you can only switch jobs if you have died and are inside the non RP area.

#11: Once you exit the non RP area you cannot re-enter it until your character dies.
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Proposed Rules Empty Re: Proposed Rules

Post by APPLICATION REPLY BOT on Sun Aug 02, 2015 10:07 pm

I have disputes with 7 10 and 11
I feel players getting mugged should be able to defend themselves, this can go up for a vote.
I dont think this is a huge issue, and will most likely be seen as an annoyance again lets see what other people think.
See 10


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Proposed Rules Empty Re: Proposed Rules

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