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Admin System Suggestion

Post by Dark Soul0 on Sun Jul 19, 2015 6:02 pm

We need a new admin system!

I would prefer the Evolve Admin Tool because I feel like it's the best and i'm really used to using it.

Here's a video of the admin tool - -

A really cool thing about this tool is that you can ban players who have left the server or at least that's how it worked on another server where I used to use it all the time as a staff member.

Apparently it's a free mod for servers, here's a link that you can check out - -

I also want to point out that I couldn't ban this one random guy who Mass RDMed because he left as soon as I was going to ban him but I did manage to ban another guy that double RDA'd.

Here are their Steam Names and Steam ID's,

WhiteGTI - STEAM_0:0:118704629 - Banned for one for double RDA.

MrNewbie - STEAM_0:0:134784464 - Mass RDMed and is at large!

So that's all I hope you guys can add this admin system or any other admin system that allows you to ban players even if they left.
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