Camrenm's Admin Application

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Camrenm's Admin Application

Post by Camrenm on Sat Jul 18, 2015 6:25 pm

What is your Steam/RP name?: Camrenm | Jose Cose

What is your Steam ID?:STEAM_0:1:53390907

Why would you like to be admin? (must contain a minimum of 3 paragraphs):
I would like to obtain the postition of Admin because I have been in positions ranging from Mod-Head Admin on many servers on many games. I want to benifit the server and help it out and make it a awesome place. I also have some ideas and suggestions that could benifit the server. I also want to help grow this new and small commuinity into a big and awesome commuinity.

I like to play DarkRP and I will active on the server most of the time every day. I plan to help you guys out in any way I could. I want to get to know the staff and have awesome times with them and the players. I know the commands but I am a little rusty but I can figure it out.

I wish I obtain the postition of Admin and be the best Admin I could be. I will stop rule breakers,hackers,cheaters ect on the server. My main goal on the server is to have fun and be a awesome staff member. So please think about asigning me to the position of Admin.
Do you have a mic? If not, can you type with proper grammar and punctuation?:
I do have a mic. I can type with Proper Grammer and Punctuation.
How old are you?:
Have you ever had any past bans or kicks on this server?:
Have you had past experience on being a DarkRP admin?:
Yes I was a Admin on a DarkRP Server which closed.
How long have you played on Infinity Gaming?:
2 days.

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Re: Camrenm's Admin Application

Post by My Name Is Vinny on Sat Jul 18, 2015 6:40 pm

Application accepted.
My Name Is Vinny
My Name Is Vinny

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