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Vlad's Admin App

Post by crispin2day on Wed Nov 25, 2015 12:25 am

What is your Steam/RP name?:Vlad

What is your Steam ID?:STEAM_0:0:52120636

Why do you think you would be a good member of the staff team? (must contain a minimum of 3 paragraphs): I think i would be a good member of the staff because on my previous server i was one of the most popular admins and everybody loved me, and i have befriended a lot of people on this server. I like all of the staff on Infinity Gaming and i like most of the people that regularly play on the server.

I enjoy every minute on the server and ever since i joined the server i loved it and wanted to help out the server by becoming an admin and moderating over the server. I get on the server every day and i love everything about it from its players to the cars to the admins to the map i just fell in love with the server.

I love the server so much and everyone who is in the Red Army and who has played along with me on the server and i really hope i can become admin on this wonderful server

Do you have a mic? If not, can you type with proper grammar and punctuation?: Yes

How old are you?: 16

Have you ever had any past bans or kicks on this server?: No

Have you had past experience on being a DarkRP admin?: Yes on high voltage

How long have you played on Infinity Gaming?: 2 days

You can be demoted for: admin abuse, admin laziness, inactivity for up to 2 weeks in a row, immature behavior, exploiting or hacking. Do you agree to these terms? :Yes


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