Doctor's Application

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Doctor's Application

Post by Doctor Who on Tue Nov 24, 2015 2:15 pm

What is your Steam/RP name?:tacodog11/Doctor Who

What is your Steam ID?:STEAM_0:1:63416508

Why do you think you would be a good member of the staff team? (must contain a minimum of 3 paragraphs):Well first off I know mostly all the rules of RP and can enforce it.I have been in multiple RDA and RDM incidents on other servers that make me aware of situations.I can make sure we don't have trollers on the server even though I used to troll.
Second off I understand how people work because I know body language but in a scenario its talking not body.I understand that trollers want attention.I can bring multiple ways of taking action to it.I understand how to talk to people in times where they are made because I get made easily to.
I cant really do anything for the third paragraph because thats all I can say but I hope its enough
Do you have a mic? If not, can you type with proper grammar and punctuation?:
Yes I can do both
How old are you?:13

Have you ever had any past bans or kicks on this server?: Nope

Have you had past experience on being a DarkRP admin?: Yes

How long have you played on Infinity Gaming?: 30-45 Minutes

You can be demoted for: admin abuse, admin laziness, inactivity for up to 2 weeks in a row, immature behavior, exploiting or hacking. Do you agree to these terms? :Yes,SIr

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