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Post by BDG_gamer on Sun Jul 19, 2015 10:34 pm

What is your Steam/RP name?: BDG_gamer

What is your Steam ID?: STEAM_0:0:137878814

Why would you like to be admin? (must contain a minimum of 3 paragraphs):
I would like to become Admin because I am a Nice guy I never fight with any one .I want to be part of the server and help you out guys. I act mature all the time if needed and I can keep people in order . I also want to help grow the community.

I like to play DarkRP and I will be on the server mostly all the time every day. I wont abuse my powers in any way that is possible. I want to make more friends with the players and staff. I don't disrespect any staff or players.

I wish to become admin because I know how to get stuff done. I will keep people from yelling at each other and keep them out of trouble. If someone does something wrong I will warn if not then kick/ban them if they don't listen.
Do you have a mic? If not, can you type with proper grammar and punctuation?:
I do have a mic
How old are you?:
Have you ever had any past bans or kicks on this server?:
Have you had past experience on being a DarkRP admin?:
Yes I was a Admin on a DarkRP Server called leftsharkrp which closed.
How long have you played on Infinity Gaming?:
3 hours


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Admin Application Empty Re: Admin Application

Post by Sikki Nixxs on Sun Jul 19, 2015 11:17 pm


I think your app is half decent, but we need staff, and I have seen you on the server a lot.

Sikki Nixxs

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